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Originally Posted by fedex View Post
Hey everyone! New member here and in honor of my joining, I bring you:

Lots of questions..

I've been smoking hookah for a while now, but never got into the nitty-gritty of it until now. I went to a hookah bar last night and noticed several things.

1. Tough pull - Was the airflow restricted b/c of too few holes in the foil?

2. Smokey Bowl - The instant I stopped pulling, a puff of smoke would exit the top of the bowl, was the tobacco burning?

3. Harshness - The hookah guy wasn't that great, and I think burned the tobacco. It was fine for about 15-20, but when he added some more coals, it started to tickle my throat,to the point where I had to stop smoking it. Is this what a burnt bowl does, or have I just taken too much time off of smoking?

4. My first hookah =] Tell me what you think of the looks and the Temsaah in general.

Sup dave
1. As previously stated there are many reasons that cause restriction. If you really want to sleuth it out you can take a draw from ever single thing of your hookah, your draw is only as wide as your smallest hole.
2. Not necessarily, this happens when the bowl is generally hot. But it usually does tell you when it's getting a bit too hot.
3. Probably burnt. after ~20 mins if you're getting less smoke just use a windcover.
4. Some temsaahs don't have a good 'flow' in terms of design imo. This one though, is very nice, and the vase looks great with it. Never had a temsaah but I hear that they are solid smokers.
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