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Thank you all for you input. I was a little nervous about ordering it being my first one and all.


In your review you said

The Km came with a hose similar to a Nour hose. I tried putting my Razan hose into it, but it was quite snug. It will fit but I had the feeling it would not stay well. The draw is somewhat tighter than I expected, again not like a regular Km but it wasnt as tight as the Nour I had purchased that is similar to the one Bradedup has.
I actually get a better draw from my QT. The tray however is very small. It is quite thin and somewhat disappointing.
I smoked some Desli Murli Khus (fantastic by the way) using a Med funnel bowl. The bowl did not fit as well as i wanted it to seemed to want to slip off. had to play around with the grommet to get it to stay. The draw was not bad, a little tight, but did smoke well. Now the important question, how did it purge? It purges very good. Quickly and completely cleared the base. I was actually a little surprised since as I had said it draws a little tightly.

Should I worry about these issues or being a new smoker I wouldn't notice them. I also ordered a Razan hose do you think this will be a problem. Thank you again for all your input.

The Doctor
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