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Default Re: Maybe a fix for flat soda flavors...

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
wait kalutika, where are you getting the info that inhaling through carbonated liquids will give 5%+. from some very rough experiments i saw .5 liters of soda held about 1 liter of co2 at room temp and ambient pressure.

im not saying for everyone to go fill a base up with soda and chain smoke but if people like the change adding a bit of carbonation in to their base water i honestly dont see how the amounts there can give a noticeable enough amount to cause issues

I am not talking about blood concentration. I am talking about PPM in inhaled gases. Are you saying that it is unreasonable to assume that more than 5% of the inhaled gases are going to be from the 1 liter of CO2 that is being released from the agitated soda?

The liquid is going to exert positive pressure as it fizzes and fill an area it is in with as much CO2 as it was holding. Eventually this will push the concentration way up as it is going to displace oxygen and eventually near 100%. If the volume of the vase is only capable of holding around a liter of airspace in a large vase (rough estimate that changes a lot based on the vase) and the average human breath is around 6 liters then you have a concentration of almost 17% in that one breath. That's really rough math based on eyeballed volumes but even getting more conservative, if the space is a half a liter (a very small space) you still have 8%. Now lets say that half of the CO2 is lost in the pour (not going to happen) even at a half liter airspace and half the CO2 you are pushing 5%. That's not even taking into account that you will be inhaling CO2 through the entire draw as it gets released from the soda with agitation.

I have not done measurements on this but it's some simple math. It's also a terrible idea. Avoid inhaling CO2. It's more toxic than you think. 5% is an astoundingly small amount. You only need to inhale 1/3 liter in one breath to peak over 5%.
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