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Default Re: Maybe a fix for flat soda flavors...

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
again i am not suggesting filling a base fully with soda is a good idea. while i agree with your numbers there is one flaw, the carbonation takes a while to come out, even when being agitated all the CO2 will not come out in one pull. i would assume it would take a while of smoking for the co2 to fully get agitated out of suspension. also even if the concentration was high enough to cause issues you are not in an environment of that concentration so your next breath will give you good air.

again i am not saying filling a base only with soda is a good idea, i honestly think it is stupid for multiple reasons but i truly dont think adding a bit into a base will cause issues and also dont think the co2 even in a full base of soda would be given off fast enough or enough over a period of time to cause issues to a healthy individual
Very simply, we don't know what rate the inhalation is going to be at. Neither of us. We do know that any inhalation is bad. We do know that inhalation from a fully carbonated beverage is going to give more than 1%, which is considered toxic over time. It is more than safe to assume, based on the numbers, that the concentration can easily reach problem levels.

It is going to take more than half a liter of soda to fill a base properly which means that the potential CO2 is going to be higher than one liter as well. If you are only adding a little soda to water then why do it at all?

Why do something that is pretty much guaranteed to be an issue for a minimal effect? Almost no added flavor and a minor and temporary fizzy effect is not worth the risk of problems. Add it to water and there will not be a noticeable flavor and any other effect will be negated. So why do it at all in that case?

It's always safer to take the conservative route when it come to toxicity levels than it is to say "I don't know the if it will hurt me so I may as well do it anyway."
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