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Default Re: Khansar Ma'sal Samples

Some news on the Khansar front. I did manage to make it to the city and I found that that domestic stockpiles of locally grown leaf are way down do to a new focus on exports by the leading tobacco producers and the state. Luckily, I think i'll be able to wrangle something up.

That's because I ran into a local local Jewish community (yes, they have a good sized Jewish community Iran and they even have a language taught in the schools here called Judeo-Khunsari) leader wile fulfilling some management type obligations at a facility in town. Turns out that he's a big fan of tobacco lore and he'll look into things for me. I also think I should be able to lay my grubby little mitts on some highly regarded moassel from the Alwaite mountains in Syria since a guy I work from time to time has a lot of contacts there so I think i'll dig up something for a handful of HPers.

Anyway, the Jewish fellow I mentioned earlier makes his own moassel which he bakes in an oven that looks like the beehive ovens you see South West Indians in the U.S. use to cook bread. He uses wood fires and some sort of nut extract the flavour the tobacco which reminded me pinon nut with a vry earthy flavour and super heavy smoke texture.

Anyway, within a week or so i'll know what I can get and pretty soon it's back to Syria and my first trip up into the Alwaite mountains.
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