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Default Re: Question for you hookah heads

Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
I call shenanigans.

There's no way such a short pipe can properly cool the smoke to provide the same quality as a 30+ inch hookah.

I will say that the QT is probably the best thing out there for the money.

That said, I've smoked a QT, and I smoke my pharonie every day, and I will tell you, there is a huge difference.
I agree for the most part. My QT is great for the money but sometimes you want a more decorative piece. Also the km has an easier draw i've noticed due to the wider gauge of the pipe. The QT is incredibly convenient for travel and you don't have to kill someone if they knock it over But I usually prefer the beauty of a KM, and the smoke quality is fantastic! So there are positives and negatives for each.
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