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Default Re: Question for you hookah heads

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
QTs are garbage. I know because when I owned a shisha cafe I owned huge numbers of the things and they all fell apart in in under a year. Honestly small rigs never smoke as well a full sized one since the smoke is hotter/harsher. The reason you buy a QT is because it's cheap and that is a fool's economy since you'll spend way more on moassel and coals in a year then you'll spend on a typical well made, full sized rig.
My QT has been going strong for over 18 months now.
Mine can produce huge clouds, easily as big as a KM and obviously the smoke will get a bit warmer but with ice in the base it isn't even noticable. My smoke doesn't get harsh with the way I pack it and rotate coals.

True the QT is cheaper but it gets the same job done and while some say the KMs look nicer, to me they often don't. Not everyone wants that really old school look, not to mention it seems that 1/3 people have a problem with their KM cosmetically.
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