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Default Re: What does double apple taste like?

I'm really not trying to talk down to you when I say this, but when its called Salloum bahreny, I see the bahreny and think Bahrani, like the country...then I wonder how its egyptian apple, that being said I've never smoked it or seen the box so I wonder how they chose to write it!

esk apple is not just apple, I agree with Zen on it being floral in nature, but I would say not quite the same flavor as you would get in Kashmir.

As for menthol flavor in DA, I've noticed when cheaper companies make DA, they like to overkill the anise thinking thats all you need, the concentrated anise seems to come out with a cooler flavor and seem somewhat "minty" even though it isnt.
Nakhla Da is enjoyable because it has anise, but also not too much where it isnt the main focus of the flavor.
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