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Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
Fact is, the coals usually aren't hot enough to create ignition. They'll make stuff smoulder and melt, but actual ignition requires a significant amount of heat, oxygen, and volatile, combustable fuel. If you dropped a coal on the carpet and then fanned it for several minutes, it might get hot enough to ignite your carpet, but it's unlikely.
i would like to point out a common fallacy... coals are hot enough to start a fire... once i thought the coals were done and brushed the "ash" in the trash can..walked away.. smelled smoke.. came back and my rubber trash can was on fire....there wasnt any aeresol cans in there either.. the coal hit paper and the trashcan was on fire... learn from my mistake and dont assume it wont start a suggestion would be to get an unflamable platfort to set your hookah on... glass pane.. metal pane... something flat and broad so that no matter if your hookah knocks over or not the coals will no reach the carpet... just my idea

cheers and gl
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