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Default Re: Hand made Syrian pipes vs KM's

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
I am a huge fan of Syrian hookahs. One of my favorite pipes is my Nour. Beautiful construction and great function.

That hookah looks great. Some people have issues with modular stems that unscrew. With the addition of the little rubber o-rings there will not be any issues with seals. One of the nicer things about this is that it seems like you will be able to take sections out and make it shorter as is necessary. This is a fairly common feature with modular hookahs.

It's also designed to use female bowls, which will give you more options.

How much is it?
Its 90GBP. But then theres 15GBP shipping on top, making it pretty expensive from what I gather!

It is a nice one though. I'm tempted only because it seems very difficult to find good price hookahs here in the UK.

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
That Syrian looks great, 39" is a bit more then I would want but I know that vase and it's pretty nice. Yeah, i'd grab it if I was looking for a new rig right now.
Any reason 39" is bigger than you would like? Do you feel there are disadvantages to such tall pipes?

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
Not to throw you off entirely, but you will still find many traditional chambers on Syrian rigs these days, but because of many reasons I'd like to blame on embargos, it is very hard to get a variety of these hookahs stateside. You basically are looking at Alfakher, nour, the occasional nawras, and a lot of chinese knockoffs posing as syrians.

Hajo does have it right, the tighter draw is slightly better, and we're not talking 13" pumpkin tight, just slightly tighter than wide open. This way the smoke has the ability to fill the space it has been given. Also, because of this, I seem to notice the flavor more with the denser smoke. As for the downstem, I would like to argue that its really not an issue with less smoke in the base at one time, because its a dynamic system, the smoke removed is immediately replaced from incoming smoke from the downstem, so I feel that it is not a major issue.
So you feel Syrians produce greater smoke density? I prefer higher smoke volume and density. I enjoy and taste it more when there is a lot of smoke.

Any opinions on the KM Pear 38" or 41"?

And any good UK sites that sell hookahs?

Thanks for all the input so far.
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