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Originally Posted by hookahhub View Post
I'm very sorry to hear of our unacceptable and unusual shipping delay with your order. As you can see from this post it's not the norm. Also I'm happy to hear that we fully refunded your order and gave you a 10% coupon.

However this is obviously not to your satisfaction and I would like to fix that. To show you our commitment to service I would like to send you a free Zen hookah pipe 100% at our cost.

Just let me know the color and the HookaH HookaH 50g flavor you want and we'll ship your package out for free next week. I hope this is to your satisfaction.

We're closed in less than 2 hours so any replies from me will have to be on Monday the 22nd, thanks. Have a great weekend everyone
That's pretty cool.

I had never heard of either. Customer service looks to be pretty good though. Anyways, hope you enjoy your rig and welcome to HP!
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