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Default Re: How the hell to choose a hose!!!!?

I have a Nammor, a Narbish and a KM (plus some Mya and the like) hoses. Between the Narbish and the Nammor, I prefer the Nammor. While I like the look of the long hose port end on the Narbish when attached to my AF hookah, the shorter end on the Nammor feels more stable and allows the hose to move around bettter. The Nammor is more comfortable to hold in my opinion. I also think the Nammor has a slightly more restricted draw than the Narbish, which I prefer. The difference is very slight and I admit may be my imagination.

I love the KM hose. It looks great and the handle feels nice. When I set up the Pharonie with an Egyptian bowl, the draw is almost perfect to my taste. I dedicated it to DA a few weeks ago and the flavor gets better and better.
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