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Default Sahara Smoke... *sigh*

Indulge me if you will for just a moment.

We all know Sahara Smoke hookahs are some of the most cheaply made rigs you can buy. They're flimsy. They're light. All you have to do is think about water and they start rusting. But...

Damnit all if they don't look really, really nice!

They have some really nice, interesting and unique designs. And they're glass is really stunning. In fact, many times their glass puts the old tired egyptian glass of much better hookah manufacturer's to shame. And all of this is very, very frustrating to me.

So, this is for Sahara Smoke:

Dear Sahara Smoke,

You're hookahs are beautiful. We don't hate you. In fact, we even really like your Vortex bowl. But your overseas manufacturing partner sucks hard. We'd all feel better smoking out of a wicker hookah than your ailing tin-foil junk.

Please rethink your partnerships and your materials. If you have to, increase your prices by 15% and start using actual stainless steal or brass. I promise, we'll start buying when your pipes stop sucking.

Yours Truly,
Frustrated Potential Buyer
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