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Default Re: Hand made Syrian pipes vs KM's

Originally Posted by Scarcity View Post
Only a few disadvantages to height. The most prevalent is cleaning. Need a long brush, and need to go in both sides (that's what she said). So kind of like washing 2 down stems. Another downer is they can be top heavy and therefore tipsy. Not an issue if you're careful and aware, as well as any smoking companions.
Density, in this case, is the amount of smoke in one area. I'm sure you know what density is but seeing the equation can help. Assuming similar masses produced (the deciding factors of that being heat, and tobacco) the max volume is the space in your lungs. With a tighter draw you are just filling the space slower.
And that's where I stop. Always got poor grades in highschool when it came to the conclusion anyway.
M I X the flour into the bowl
So there are disadvantages to taller pipes, however in terms of smoke quality/quantity in general is taller better?

And also bump on UK retailers of KM's!
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