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Default on the prowel...

ok so i just got my tax refund and am looking to purchase a new hookah.
i have a cheapy little sheecool and it smokes alright.
granted i have a narbish hose and a vortex and a phunnel so that just makes things even better.

alright im looking for opinions i've done the research and will eventually pick out my own but i want to know what you guys think.

i was originally gonna just spring for a KM but they are a little pricey.
other choices are syrian or darwish.

what do you guys think what should i do? what path shall i take?

i know KM's can't be beat they are just about the best, but i want to know your guys' opinions, what are the difference if any between the three.

syrians are extremely decorative but do they smoke as well as a KM?
Darwish are just plain cool and i would just spring and buy that but do they smoke as well as the other two?
what are your experiences?
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