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Default Re: I don't understand Nakhla DA

Originally Posted by Kelsey View Post
Double Apple is what shisha noobs run to when they first start smoking.
It's the most disgusting flavour and doesn't taste anything like apples.
They should call it black licquorice or blackjack flavour.

Only smoke Nakhla Double Apple if you want a shisha which is gonna taste horrible and give you a huge headache.
Its defiantly an acquired taste, you might not like it when you first start smoking but if you give it a shot later it grows on you. Also getting a headache is hardly ever the flavor's fault and has more to do with the nicotine content of the tobacco especially if you are not used to unwashed tobacco.
OT: Nakhla DA and Sweet Melon were the first two Nakhla flavors I bought and I admit I was more drawn to the Sweet Melon because the pungent smell of the DA was almost repugnant at first. Once I gave the DA a hearing I fell in love.

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