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Default Re: How the hell to choose a hose!!!!?

Originally Posted by Kelsey View Post
I was just 100% committed to getting a Nammor and now I found out about the new Narbish.
I've watched vids on both and they seem identical to me except the aesthetic appearance and the larger hose port bit on the Narbish.
I just found out the KMs aren't washable so there's no way I'm getting one of those so at least that's out of the picture.

Nammor, Narbish, Razan...?

Help guys...

Narbish ftw, no worries on the hose port, Narbish hoses have a tapered hose port insert so they generally fit in all hookahs, big or small. I use my narbishes with my mya qt and my KM without any problems . Durable, washable, and damn purdy!
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