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Default Re: Can a session last 4 hours?

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
Exactly! I hear people say "Yeah but with this bowl and that tobacco you can smoke for 4 hours plus". Who really wants to smoke the same flavor for 4 hours, or even smoke for 4 hours straight? BTW thanks for the necro post.
if you have friends over i can understand that, or if your watching a long movie or something but ya the flavor would get really boring. if i have friends over i can easily smoke 4 hours, then again i can smoke a bowl or 2 by my self easily so i guess its the same if not less over more time

Originally Posted by Kelsey View Post
Yeah but some people on here are crazy addicts lol.
Some people smoke like a few times a week and some even every day or more than once a day.
i prefer to smoke daily, either 1 or 2 bowls in a row, lately i havent smoked as much cause im busy and got other stuff making it less than convenient to smoke that often. honestly its good for me to do so cause if i dont i sit here for 2 hours and just munch on junk food cause i want a taste in my mouth i guess idk.

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