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Default Re: Sahara Smoke... *sigh*

Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post
I think I disagree with this.

Virtually all egyptian bases are identical in shape. Some are more durable than others, but the fact that there's almost not deviation whatsoever leads me to believe that there's probably just a handful of suppliers making bases in various colors. Then, I'd bet companies like AF and KM buy up the nicer ones and custom decorate them.

But KM, for example, already has the art of an excellent smoke down pat. Yet every year they come out with new designs. This is purely to keep us interested aesthetically.

If this is all true, then it's unlikely that they don't care about the bases because they're spending all their time making great stems. There's probably some other third factor that we're missing. Maybe for companies in the UAE it's a lot more expensive to produce custom glass, whereas a company like Sahara Smoke can mass produce it by other means.

Just speculation really, but this seems to make more sense to me.
that could be a reason...

i just think if SS could actually make the quality of the hookah sale the actual hookah instead of the looks selling it or combining the looks and quality.. they would grow rapidly..

trust me if they had quality rigs and look like they do now.. i would buy a couple of them and im sure other ppl would to

nuh mean?
With those happy thoughts, in my head, I'm feeling like I'm peter pan... Minus the tights and the fairies....
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