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Default my km isnt giving me good smoke :/

I noticed with my purchase of this shisha that the stem was very thick. When i smoke it i use a nammor pipe and even original km pipe and i find that the draw is too easy, like literally breathing.. I don't like this. I like the draw to be a bit more harder then what it is now. Because of this I beleive that this is affecting the smoke. I've tried vortex, egypt bowls, packing and unpacking and also even tried natural coals, quick fire coals, wind covers. But STILL i dont get the smoke i want like i do in other shops. Plus the flavour isnt all that either. I smoked lemon+mint, peach + mint, straberry + peach, chocolate + mint, orange + mint, apple + mint, grape+ mint, apple grape and mint, strawberry grape + mint.

So many shishas ive smoked and none of them have pleased me, where i actually get frustrated and feel like smashing the thing, seriously annoying me. I do like going shisha cafes and i mostly found that the old OLD km smoked better then mine, they was solid and they are like the khalil mamoon amer stems. They give better pull cause the stem isnt so wide and the pipes are also normal long pipes.

These are some serious times, any advice what i could do, i tried putting more and less water to experiment, I tried fluffing the flavour and packing it down.. Like before i said ive used many different coals and even increased the number on the shisha, but it just got harsh and the flavour died out quickly.

So i dont really have any more ideas. if this continues to happen im going to sell my khalil mamoon. i dont like it im very dissapointed =/. The vortex is overhyped aswell. Its nowhere near as good as an egyptian bowl and it don't give a better taste either.

So im really stuck on the situation. My only solution was to come here and ask for help or just to sell the crap.
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