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Default Re: my km isnt giving me good smoke :/

How can i test for a leak? cause when i blow out i dont see no smoke coming out except the valve and the top. No where else. THe pipes are pretty stuck in aswell so that cant be an issue.

What do you mean block the port on the steam with some tape, care to elaborate? cause i think at the moment the pull isnt strong enough for the actual *** to get good smoke. I drilled a hole into my egyptian bowl as 2 parts were blocked. So now i get too much draw. I Dont think i mess up after so many years of making shisha, Ive noticed equipment is the biggest factor. Imake shisha same style at my mates ager shisha and it comes out amazing. But on my km which i paid a lot of money on, it should technically peform better, not cause of price but because its a damn KM.
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