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The whole of edgeware road are idiots. They take advantage of non arabs. Im not even joking with you. They will lie to you about the indoor shisha, but when we start to speak arab to them they are like, "Salam brother, Let me check for space."

The shisha it self, When i went there , i kept quiet to see if it was really the case.

They made my shisha in 20 minutes :/ the bowl they gave me was literally 3-4 cm wide and the holes had been done with a screw driver. No joke.

Then i thought you know what screw this, a group of arabs came and they sat down, they was my age around 18+ (obviously :P) and they ordered shisha, they was allowed to mix their flavours (wtf!?!) and the shishas they ordered came literally within 5 minutes. Me being my self i started talking to the girl.. just as general convo but my real agenda was to see how her shisha was LOL!, Then anything else was a bonus.

The *** was blatantly bigger, the holes looked like they had been done with a toothpick and the coals were of nice size and seperated appart. Mine had burned out within 20 minutes of smoking. So I thought okay fair enough. So me and my mates we went and we was like dude what the hell is this... They tried to be sarcastic and they was like its shisha. I replied and told them that it was harsh and that we had paid same price but it was terrible. Their response was oh its because you smoke for so long. Fair enough, two minutes later i give a call to my cousins he comes down with his mates. They spoke to them in arabic and the next thing you know the guys like oh im sorry. I will fix it for you :/

So i was like wtf?!? what is this bullshit. To any tourists they will rip you off. 2 pound for a can of coke? wtf. The shishas alone is 15 average everywhere and its only between two people.

Edgeware road has fell off, GREATLY, ever since the smoking ban. I see how they treat customers and its shameful. I known arabs to be greedy since day one but this was just outrageous. I have since then not gone back to edgeware road unless i go with my cousins. It's quite sad because before i remember in that same shop this guy went to buy shisha, they used to sell mya pipes for 15 pounds, i got it for 4 pounds with help of some algerians :P.

So the truth is unless you have money to burn and you are not bothered to get ripped off then edgeware road is nice cause its very cultural. but now its become a struggling area for all the cafes and shops to compete with each other. As soon as one person increases or drops price, they all follow. ;/

If you wanted a shisha always get off the internet.I would rather pay 60$ for shipping then double the pounds to the shop keepers. They are just down right wrong in the way they just milk off the tourists and then be all generous to a arab.
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