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Default Re: I don't understand Nakhla DA

Originally Posted by Jride View Post
I tried Nak DA and only tasted anise. You guys are crazy in the head to say "Oh, if you smoke it for long enough, you will start to taste apples"

Lol.. Quit lieing to yourself, theres no apples in it, your mind just wants you to think that.
if you search for the flavors you will find.....

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
I truly think Double Apple is what hookah tobacco noobs run into and may dislike intially because they are expecting the flavor of biting into an apple. Double apple is much more complicated a flavor when done properly.
It has anise, which is an acquired taste - it rarely finds its way to an american palate save artificially or added to a liqour.

To someone new to hookah, and someone who only desires super fruit candy flavors, I would agree to stay away from Double Apple. The nicotine content is probably above a beginner's tolerance, and the flavor is just a little more traditional than say starbuzz hooker code 69. A hipster smoker may not develop a the ability to appreciate certain flavors, but one who stays at it will learn to not just taste the anise additions.

Then again, anise may never grow on you.

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