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Default Another AF thread....

So I picked up a few sample packs of AF this weekend (Jasmine, Golden Grape and Gum) and was really looking forward to trying some new flavours.

Unfortunately this excitement was short-lived. I loaded up a bowl of the Gum flavour and sat back to enjoy. It took a couple of hits for the smoke to get going (even though I always let the coals sit on the bowl for about 5 minutes before smoking) and the first couple of hits were okay but then after a few more I started getting that scratchy dry feeling in the back of my throat. I thought "okay, something's wrong here" and I did what any other educated hookah smoker would do i.e. purge the hookah of smoke, ash the coals and move them (while keeping them on the edge).

I start hitting my hookah again but the scratchy dryness continued up to a point where I lost my temper and just killed the session. I then cleaned my rig and packed a bowl of the golden grape hoping for a better experience. The grape was okay-ish but I was still getting that scratchyness, but it was more bearable.

The Jasmine I smoked yesterday was the worst out of the three and even with some serious heat management on my side this stuff was almost unsmokable until the coals burnt out to about half-size.

Now I cannot think that theres something wrong with my setup because I've been using Sambooka's exact setup method for 2 years now and I've had some awesome sessions with HF, Nakhla and especially Starbuzz but AF is disappointing me big time lately.

I could be wrong but to me it seem like some of these new batches of AF are just way to heat sensitive. I always use 2 1/4 pieces of exotica coals per session and tried removing one so that there's only one on the bowl, but when I do that there's so little heat that there's barely any smoke.

AF used to be my fav but I'm just about to give up on this brand because I cannot keep spending money on shisha that smokes like s**t.

Any ideas guys?

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