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So a friend of mine had a party the other night based around watching old b-movies, drinking some beers and enjoying a few bowls of shisha. We started off with some Romman ?Summer crisp? Cucumber (which was amazing) and we were all having a great time. Now, my girl friend who has never smoked a hookah (or any tobacco for that matter) and who hates the idea of smoke, namely because she hates cigarettes, and jumped on with the popular media bandwagon that tobacco smokers must slaughter infants in the night, decided after some careful explanations on the art of the hookah pipe and how it is smoked that maybe she would try it just once. 3 bolws later she was having a blast! Blowing smoke bubbles, trying to get bigger clouds, and just6 all around enjoying the smoke. Truly a great day (even though I got blamed by her for not trying to introduce it to her sooner lol)!
The reason I am posting this is because I saw a few weeks ago a thread about someone who had a significant other just like mine who hated the idea of smoking. Trust me, if my girl friend can like it, anyone can. The best idea it seems is to not be pushy with the facts. Everytime I tried to interject any knowlage into her stigma's it was met with eye rolling, and a sarcastic attitude. Rather, I simply went to a party with her, and let her see that it wasn't a foul cigarette smelling thunder pipe that make everyone cough and weez. Her natural curiosity took it from there. We were able to go running the next day without sore lungs, and now she actually wants me to get a new km
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