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Default Re: my km isnt giving me good smoke :/

I checked for leaks and the result was negative. There are no leaks. I added a lot more water up to the gold line. But then water was coming into the pipe. So I reduced it a little bit and the shisha was a lot better. I used three al fakher cocunut coals and the shisha lasted about erm 40+ minutes. I also made less holes and used a disposable pipe. Have to say it was much better. Now I need to get my favourite flavours and see how they smoke. I was smoking peach and mint in a Egyptian bowl.

Thanks for the tips. I still have to tape the stem.
Oh and another thing is. When I take a draw it don't come out smooth. There's like gaps when smoking like, how can I explain this, basically you see in the shop I smoke I don't get the bubbling in the pipe but at home I feel the bugling and in the bowl it's like an explosion of water. So it must be maybe that I have water hitting the hole that I intake from. I have no other idea why. putting more water causes it to get worse.
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