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Default Re: Social Smoke Tobacco...

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
Heads up everyone .. this is not repackaged Starbuzz or anything else. This is made by Social Smoke. Their tobacco is made from scratch at their warehouse location in Arlington, TX. They process 100% dry leaf into the final product which contains no artificial colors or preservatives. That is exciting!

I think maybe you guys might be judging before trying? The can may look similar but the product is original.

I actually ordered a couple of flavors so I can try for myself. You know I will give an honest opinion.

I ordered:
Chai Tea
Double Apple
Strawberry (the search for a good strawberry continues)
Gum Ball
Simply Apple

Don't knock it before you at least try it. We aren't snobs here are we!?
A couple... right. I'm looking forward to trying this one personally.