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Default Re: Is Starbuzz safe to store in the tins?

Originally Posted by MAD_HATTER View Post
i really don't know.. i have heard yes.. i have heard no... i do it anyways because the tobacco won't be in there long enough to make the tin rust lol
I'm in the same boat is Mad_Hatter here. I have heard that the tins work and I've heard that the only thing they're good for is an expensive riser for wind covers. I think it mostly comes down to how quickly you smoke each flavor. If its your favorite flavor and you smoke 2 bowls a day of it, it will probably be fine by the time you run out. If you don't smoke that quickly it is probably more likely to dry out or rust on you. For the extra effort to put the tobacco in a bag, it might be worth it. If you're worried about the tobacco drying out(because after all, the glycerin based water weight is what you pay the premium price for) store it in a bag and keep it out of direct sunlight and you can't go wrong.

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