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Default Re: A call to action

Im glad to see the replies and I hope a few people are thinking about this topic.

One idea that has occurred to me with respect to people not understanding what our narghiles are for is that we need to spend more of our smoking time in public places. Given the current anti-tobacco climate we should expect plenty of snide, self righteous comments and petty hassles by police and the you are poisoning me types. Still, its the best way to let people know what our thing is all about.

A second point is a bit more difficult yet it is something we need to do anyways and that is educate ourselves about what is wrong with the arguments made by the anti-smoking lobby.
I regularly hear people say smokers are self-destructive and that second hand smoke threatens the environment and everyone near the smoker and that suppressing smokers is justified as a result. Being able to debate these people in public is something that is often forced upon us and we should be able to do so if we are to be taken seriously. If we wish to enjoy our shisha in a lounge, park or coffee shop we do need to be able to talk about what we do in an intelligent matter be it in a park to some random crank, the owner of a coffee shop, a letter to a newspaper or a town meeting.
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