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Originally Posted by AZcoyote
Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
Originally Posted by ghostofdavid
I smoked out of an Indian hookah for the first time (Al Fakher Lemon + Mint). It had no glass bottom. Instead, it was all screw on metallic parts. It worked very well and hit better than a lot of Egyptians. The threading was not made out of soft material, if it were, it would definitely ruin the seal on the vase and steam.

I've never smoked Indian tobacco, though.
Afzel makes something called Pan flavoured shisha which I think is a traditional Indian thing but I have no idea what it's like. I guess i'll try it. Anyone know a good source for Indian narhgiles? (I don't know what they call them)
PAN or alternately Paan is an after dinner digestive chew. It can include betel nut and tobacco, lime, cloves, anise seed other spice and is wrapped in a leaf. Not sure what kind of leaf. Maybe betel leaf. If is sold by street vendors made to order. I've only read about it, but would love to give it a try someday. If you can find an upscale retail tobacconist in India, perhaps you can get some tobacco products shipped. Let us know if you find something.
Thanks for the info. The idea of food containing tobacco is a strange one to me but I suppose that I should be willing to try pan. The Indian cafes in the city don't have it so I suppose that the Afzel pan flavoured shisha is as close as i'll get without going to India itself.

I was talking to a Tunisian friend and he says that India exports huge amounts of smoking rigs to the Arab world which is something that would never have occurred to me. It seems that the ones they export are in a traditional Turkish style and typically made of brass and copper.
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