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Default Re: Social Smoke Tobacco...

Hey if they sold it OUT of those fucking tins I would love to try it. Nothing that could replace tangiers by any means, but they have interesting flavor ideas and from what it looks like, no dyes used. The tobacco looks precisely like the stuff that Tonic uses - which I think isn't bad quality tobacco, just processed horribly.

In candy hookah tobacco nowadays, it's obvious the quality of the tobacco used doesn't even fucking matter, to the extent of companies using no tobacco at all. The tobacco won't affect the finished moassel product in these cases. With Tangiers, if the wrong tobacco is the only stuff available, the whole recipe has to be re-worked.

This will just be like all the other new brands that pop up out of the blue in tin cans to compete with starbuzz. And they will find out they can't compete, as John says. You can buy Tonic, Royal, Potion, SKyzz, Ed hardy... whatever! It's all not as good as starbuzz is to the consumers, and therefore never ever sells.