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Originally Posted by Social Smoke View Post
*************, Put your money where your mouth is... I see your bet and I raise you to $10,000. Social Smoke expects an apology and a $10,000 donation to The Child Foundation upon disproving your accusations. Furthermore, I'll bet you another $10,000 that you can not produce a single invoice, email, or other document from any supplier or manufacturer to even remotely back up your claims. If you do not wish to lose $10,000 we expect an apology and a $1000 check made payable to The Child Foundation, which we will donate on your behalf. Either way, we will set the record straight.

We have invited, at our expense, three well known and respected hookah personalities to tour our facility and make their own assessments of our honesty.
Mushrat from
Mark from
Sambooka from

I'm here to unequivocally state the following facts. There should be no doubt on any of the following:
1.Our tobacco is made 100% from scratch at our warehouse in Arlington, Texas.
2.Our recipe and formula are 100% developed from scratch and with no outside assistance.
3.We use no artificial colors or preservatives.
4.We do not wash our tobacco in any way.
5.We are a direct importer of the dry leaf to manufacture the tobacco.
6.We have been federally licensed as a tobacco manufacturer since February 2007.
7.Finally, rest assured that the tin cans are a means to an end. We've been working on a 100% custom made packaging for months and it is being finalized as we speak. It was never our intention on selling our product in tin cans. We pushed our manufacturing schedule up and tin cans are the most readily available package on the market that does not break, is not made from paper, or doesn't requires huge initial orders to be custom made. On top of that this is the ONLY style of any tin can shape that fits a 250g bag well.

We did not market our new tobacco on Hookahfourm or any other forum, nor have we actively participated in online forums for years unless invited to do so. As always we appreciate the forums as a center for sharing Hookah knowledge and experiences, and value honest feedback and opinions, but feel that forum discussion shouldn't be a venue for vendors to plug their products and instead be left untainted and organic.

For anyone curious about Social Smoke:
Social Smoke is a family business that was established in September 2002 has been actively engaged in business since October 2003. We have worked very very hard to grow from a one man online retail website to an international distribution company. We've made it to INC magazine's 2008 INC 500 list, Fort Worth Business Press, Fortune Small Biz Magazine, and CNN. We alluded to our tobacco in the Fort Worth Business Press article which came out in Oct 2009: "And thereís another product line expansion on the horizon that will make its debut by the end of the year. The Nadimi's just arenít saying what that is." Bottom line we are not new comers to this industry, and we do not need help, support, or well wishes from characters like *************.

We knew the owner of Starbuzz before the company had even been established, and we were the first company to market Starbuzz on the national and international market including the very states you mentioned (Michigan and New Jersey). We were also the first company to market Starbuzz online including places like Hookah Forum going back to 2005. There is no one on any forum that can educate us on Starbuzz. We have no issues with Starbuzz, or its owner, and wish them all the best. We no longer distribute Starbuzz for obvious business reasons....We have our own tobacco and manufacturing capability.

Abrahim Nadimi
Dir of Sales and Marketing
Social Smoke, Inc
Whoa, whoa, whoa! So let me get this straight, Sambooka your coming to Texas? When and where and I will see if I can be there for a Texas get together!

May have to try some of this then and give it my honest opinion. Must be legit if they are willing to go though all this to let us know! Kudos to you guys for trying to compete with the rest!
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