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Default Re: All i can say is wow!

I wrapped the kiwi's outside in a ~2" strip of heavy foil for support and used 1 large 3kings. the kiwi is really juicy so i shaved the outside a bit to make the juice provide a little seal. the bottom the kiwi i used a large rachet from my toolbox with a rubber bushing. I also didnt want the kiwi bits falling down the stem. Before i put the shisha in the kiwi, i used a salt shaker top as a internal screen to catch the shisha from going down the hole. I poked a little more holes than usual in the top with a sewing needle. I kinda pulled up the middle (of the foil) with the needle cause the shisha was packed in pretty loose. I am not even touching the coal (Dont want to anger the hot kiwi).
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