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Originally Posted by Scarcity View Post
Ugh I hate that layalina is like half water weight!
Jewel AFAIK is supposed to be pretty bottom barrel. Although I think the tips in the box is a great idea.
That shit was so juicy, I couldn't believe it. I opened up the little container that it came in, opened the golden wrap that it was in, and there was juice EVERYWHERE on the inside of the bag. So I reach in, and there's another bag in there that's rolled up. I have no clue how all that juice got out of that bag, but it did. The I unrolled the other baggy, poured the tobacco into the container and reached into the bag to get the rest of the tobacco and juices out. By the time I was done, it looked like I massacred a couple of people with my bear hands. There was red juice everywhere, running down my arm, dripping into the sink, just all over the place.
SO it's definitely a wet and juicy tobacco....
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