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Default shout out to hookahstore, **********, KM and photolinger

tonight (i am in Qatar so it's night time) i am smoking my KM kafae for the first time.

i bought this KM stem during the black friday sale. i liked the look of it, nice and simple, not over top with all the egyptian hooplah. i lived in cairo for 2 years so i am over hookahs with with egyptian symbols and all the other over the top design elements. i wasn't sure about the stem, but photolinger gave it a ringing endorsement so i gave it a try.

living in the middle east, i have a credit card from a local bank but a shipping address in the US where items are forwarded to me here by my employer. as you can imagine, a US shipping address with a billing address in Qatar caused quite a few headaches, but hookahstore went the extra mile for my purchase when other vendors would not. with my stem being shipped to the US then to Qatar, it was temporarily lost, but it arrived a few weeks ago in perfect condition.

********** was the only other vendor who heard me out, and took my order for a vortex.

so, tonight, with all these elements conspiring in my favor, i am smoking my new KM with my new vortex. i have a phunnel but it did not work well the first time i used it. some members told me to try again, to finess it, to try this and that, but after living in egypt for 2 years i know what i'm doing, so i wasn't impressed with the phunnel. the vortex is working like a dream, first shot.

i don't smoke ofter because my little girl is 2 and i refuse to smoke anywhere near her. so, when i do partake in the occasional smoke, it has to be great. and my new KM coupled with the vortex, on a beautiful "winter" night in Qatar, is smoking like a beauty.

a big big thank you to photo for the recommendation, and to hookahstore and ********** for helping with my purchases.
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