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Default Re: Nahkla and Tangiers

well what kind of flavors do you like? well anyway as for tangiers go for their blue gumball, new lime, maricino cherry, peachtea, mimon, Horchata, blue gumball, brambelberry, schnozzberry. those are the ones that i've heard good things about.
As for Nakala theres alot of great flavors too, Basha grape, fakhfakina mixedfruits, i love doubleapple but it taists more of anise just so you know, sweetmelon, and pretty much any of the mizo line.
Well hun hopes that helps Oh another shisha that is awsome is Salloum their watermelon is one of the most realistic taisting and the peach, the apple that starts with a b hardly has any anise at all i've heard that the mango, plane, and mint are very good also so theres a good start. you can find Salloum at

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