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Default Re: Nahkla and Tangiers

Both brands, unless you get the Lucrid Tangiers are unwashed tobaccos. Unwashed tobacco has a higher nicotine content, so if you do try it expect a much bigger buzz than normal, and one that will probably floor you as well so expect to be staying on the couch for awhile during and after. Nahkla is probably the one you want to try first because not only to they come in 50 gram boxes, but they also MOST TIMES don't require extra care before smoking.

Tangiers requires you let it sit out in the open for something like 4 hours for it to acclimate and when smoking you really have to keep an eye on the heat management.

So in other words get a few 50 gram boxes of Nahkla and see if you can handle smoking it. If you can work your way up to Tangiers, that is where the work is most times worth the extra effort you put into it
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