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Default Re: Nahkla and Tangiers

Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
Tangiers is horrible. If you want to spend money on a tobacco that you have to try and acclimate and hope that it does. Then if it doesnt you ahve to throw it away cause its trash. Then go for it. I have spent money and trashed it. Although i have a buddy who swears by it, but i think i have him turning to the dark side..The god that is NAKHLA! LOL.

I only smoke Nakhla. Great Flavor, and very consistant with every flavor i have had. It doesnt require any finesse or any type of acclimation or extra stuff to get it to smoke right, unlike tangiers.

However, this is just my take and opinion on things.
and the player hater award goes to... hayter HATE HATE HATE. ive personally never had a problem with it and ive been smoking it for maybe 2 years.the longest ive had to wait was almost 2 days but that was probably because it was really dry out then a huge summer storm rolled through. personally i think nak isnt worth it, it doesnt last nearly as long, it came pretty much bone dry and coconut tasted like puke.
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