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Default Re: Anyone here by kilo tubs?

Originally Posted by Kelsey View Post
SB for noobs??
AF is what noobs go to because it's least around here they do.
I went a whole 2 years of smoking shisha before trying SB because no hookah lounges have it here. After smoking 2 years of AF and Nakhla I'm glad I have SB and others to smoke now. I don't mind AF but Nakhla, come on. It's ok if you like headaches I guess lol.
It only gives you headaches because of the nicotine in it. I got 250g of SB BM and can't finish it. It has an overpowering smell/taste, which don't get me wrong, it smells and taste great in the beginning, but after smoking a couple of bowls I can't take it, and no buzz.. If I'm going to pay that much for something I'd like it to give somewhat of a buzz. Also, all 'noobs' that I've ever seen try and buy the most expensive stuff out there, then learn what's good and buy it. Just my opinion and observation.
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