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Default Re: Anyone here by kilo tubs?

Originally Posted by kurlz View Post
It only gives you headaches because of the nicotine in it. I got 250g of SB BM and can't finish it. It has an overpowering smell/taste, which don't get me wrong, it smells and taste great in the beginning, but after smoking a couple of bowls I can't take it, and no buzz.. If I'm going to pay that much for something I'd like it to give somewhat of a buzz. Also, all 'noobs' that I've ever seen try and buy the most expensive stuff out there, then learn what's good and buy it. Just my opinion and observation.
Most hookah noobs tend to be underage kids (15-16) in Hookah lounges so that's probably why they're cheap.
You want a buzz!? lol don't ever smoke with me! haha

Don't you find Nakhla's flavour to be very light also?

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