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Default Re: Al-Fakher vs. Nakhla "Double Apple" which is better?

If you get Nakhla you'll regret it, just wait and see.
If you want a massive headache and a very light flavour then choose Nakhla.
It's considered very traditional, which may be true, but it is horrible.
If you do decide to go for Nakhla, get peach or apricot (those ones are the better ones). Don't go for double apple like everyone here is suggesting unless you want something that doesn't even taste like apples lol.

AF isn't the best either but it's far better than Nakhla. You'll get bigger clouds, a juicier flavour (yes some of the flavours are a bit artificial so just watch some reviews first).

I can't speak for Mizo, I've never tried it and heard only good things...then again those good things are being said by the same people who think Double Apple tastes like apples LOL.
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