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Default Re: Good hookah brands

Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
That's a single hose pipe.

For what it's worth, unless you plan on having a large number of people share your pipe on regular basis, a single hose unit will serve you much better.

Multi-hose pipes are pretty much a gimmick.
Although I wouldn't say "gimmick" but instead "hassle".
Quick thing to consider about multi-hosed rigs is this. There are two main types of multi-hosed rigs, traditional and auto seal. A "traditional" multi hosed rig would allow you to purge through one of the hoses, but in order to draw on these rigs, one hose will have to be plugged while you are drawing on the other(if the hose isn't plugged all you'll get is air). With an "auto seal" you do not have to worry about plugging the hoses but loose the ability to purge. If you can count on your smoking partner(s) to remember to plug the hose while not smoking, then a traditional rig would be best because you retain the ability to purge, if you can't then the auto seal might be more appealing.
On the whole, multi hosed rigs cause a lot of issues that a single hosed rig won't(like tangling of the hoses and possible tipping problems). If you're smoking with less than 4 people regularly then I'd invest in a single hosed rig. This being said, even if you're smoking in large groups more often than not, I'd still get a single hosed rig because smoking is meant to be a social activity and passing the hose while talking really isn't as bad as it seems.

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