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Default Re: Nahkla and Tangiers

All playa hatin' aside,

I smoke both. I've probably got 5KG of Nakhla and 3KG of Tangiers on hand, both of which are fantastic. I've never had an issue with either. (The exception being Tangiers Brambleberry, but the overwhelming vote is that the flavor just sucks ballsack)

Tangiers needs to acclimate if you live in a very Dry or very Damp climate, but other than that I've never let it sit out for more than an hour or two in my Apartment, maybe a bit longer during the summer.

Both brands require a bit more experience with heat management than say Starbuzz, JM, or the more "Modern" brands.

Both brands have a higher nicotine content than the aforementioned modern brands, and I usually dont recommend using them for first time smokers. Once you switch over to either one however, there's no going back.

Nakhla I use for more traditional single fruit flavors, Tangiers I love for Erics unique flavors (like Cherry or Mimon, Summer Solstice is sex in a bag), and they're all wonderful.

Post Script : Nakhla Mizo Mint is a minty ballkick that should be in everyone's stash. Get it!
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