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Default Re: Coals going out?

Dont be surprised if its a bad box. John replaced a box and a half for me that had the same issue.

Also, dont keep them in a wood chest, wood absorbs moisture and traps it on the inside, hence why most small cigar humidors are made of wood. Keep them in an area that still has decent airflow. Kitchen cabinets arnt bad, usually because the heat from the kitchen keeps the wood fairly dried out.

I never keep my coals in a tightly enclosed space, its bad news bears.

In the aforementioned box, probably 1 out of every 4 coals worked fine, it was so bad I put 7-8 coals on the stove at a time just to see which ones started normal and which ones took forever to light, I used almost an entire box for maybe 30 good coals.
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