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Default Re: Nahkla and Tangiers

From a non pro view, Tangiers made me have mixed feelings. I only tried lucid and even lucid was a little tricky to manage. Flavors are not THAT intense that people make it seem but horchata is so nice and its coming from someone that can get real horchata anytime in Mexico. However I feel that it can get harsh a little too quick for my taste and for social gatherings I haven't had a buddy get "wow"ed by it. Nakhla takes time to get used to, my best recommendation is to mix it with washed tobaccos. Most of the time I mix Nakhla and Starbuzz because Nakhla samples are really cheap here and I save my imported Starbuzz. Add some herbo hydral that I bought a while ago to increase smoke output and you got a very very nice bowl imo. Just beware that Nakhla flavors are strong and traditional. This means strong flavor/buzz but one bad session and you may be scarred for life on a certain flavor.
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