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Default Re: Sambooka will be in Texas (DFW) on Feb 27th '2010

Originally Posted by Bassem View Post
Wait! What? Seriously? Live streaming video? How cool would that be!!
I can see it now, live HPTV! The all Sambooka, all the time channel!

With commercials-

"Reach out and smoke with someone"
"Please don't squeeze the moassel"
"Do you.....Hookah?"
"Puff, puff; Bubble, bubble; Oh what a relief it is!"
"We enjoy moassel the old fashioned way...we burn it"
"Live in your world, smoke in ours"
Actually we could. If they have an internet connection close by, or wireless, we could stream it live for people to watch. Wont be the best since it is a webcam, but still could stream it.
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