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Angry Getting cheated by Hookah Store

Three weeks ago I ordered a Khalil Maamoon Double Copper Heart Hookah, 38 inch from the hookah store. When my order came it had the wrong hookah in it, and it was missing the KM hose that should have come with it. I sent an Email to there customer services. They agreed that it was there mistake and gave me an address to send back the wrong stem. It cost $12.00 to send back but they said they would through in a few things for the trouble. Today, Two weeks latter I get the package and once again they sent me the wrong stem! To top it off I still didnít get the hose and there was nothing else in the box, so I was also lied to about them making it up to me for the trouble. Now, just to be clear I donít care that they didnít send anything extra but I do care that they lied about it. I once again have to send this stem back, making the total of $24.00 and a month wait to get what I paid for and should have gotten in the first place. I am felling Cheated and lied to, I canít even trust that I will get the right stem in the end.

Am I crazy to be getting so mad over this or is this sounding like a lot of BS to other people?