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Smile Getting bored, tips needed please

Hey guys

I have smoking Hookah for about one and a half years (about 3 - 4 times a month) and I am slowly getting bored...

I need some innovative ideas to give Hookah-ing new life. What I have been doing until now to get the best smoke:

Ice in the vase
Put pipe in freezer for 5 mins
Tried a lot of flavors
Cutting rough Shisha with scissors for better "burn"

We have not really tried something other than water in the vase. Don't know what to put in (most of the times we just don't have what is on the net, like weird types of juices etc).

I am also having a lot of trouble with heat control, sometimes the shisha burns and soetimes the smoke is not dense enough. We use tinfoil with many small holes and quite large quick lighting coles (impossible to find naturals here in my area). I also get a huge headaches almost every time I hookah, and yes we do let the coals start properly...

So can anyone give me some tips on how to spice up Hookah-ing? Some tips on heat control and the headaches would also be appreciated.

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