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Default Re: is there any websites....

I think everybody can agree here that we all wish that some manufacturers would give out free samples of some of their tobaccos. There are just so many flavors one would like to try, and reviews don't always do the best job of explaining the taste. I don't want to buy 30 packs of 50g samples just because the shipping would be killer, and a lot of manufacturers charge almost $6 for their 50g samples. Fantasia, Golden Layalina, Starbuzz and all the other Premium tobaccos for example.
Even if I did have a job, I wouldn't buy 10 packets of 50g samples for $60 bucks because I know damn well I won't like some of them and that's a lot of money.
I think it would greatly help businesses to pass out some free samples every once in a while because I think we've all smelled a flavour and couldn't decide whether it was worth the money or not.