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Default Re: is there any websites....

Originally Posted by UGHIDK View Post
Sambooka, why you being dick and callin me out, you dont know what i do for work. i'm going to school so i can get a d[FONT=Calibri]egree in liberal arts and humanities so I can be a counselor at some point, and I shovels shit on a farm to pay for all my bills so fuck off. i asked a simple q' cuz moneys tight for me right now, i didnt think it was a bad q'.....[/FONT]

Normally I dont do this, but Im going to tear into your ass right now.

First of all, if you're too lazy or ignorant to bother to sift through HUNDREDS of reviews on this site, thats your own damn problem. The information is available, and while many members of this forum take their time to be friendly and throw out help to those who ask for it, you deserve none of this.

Second, Sambooka dedicates his time and personal money to Operate, Maintain and Update this website, not to mention continue to contact multiple vendors to get exclusive contests so people can do reviews and get free shisha.

Third, every post I've seen from you has been either worthless nonsense, offensive, or just plain moronic.

You need to have a reality check on how you present yourself, this is a community, not your personal information database. Vendors do not give away "Free" product, they expect something in return for shipping you shisha, hence requiring you to do a video review or in some way give a shout-out to them for helping you out.

This is an excellent place to gather information for new smokers and veterans alike, and you're currently showing everyone who logs on here a perfect example of how NOT to become part of the Hookahpro community.

Please clean up your attitude or find a website that actually tolerates your bullshit.